We live in an exciting age of constant human innovation, where a single generation can witness extreme evolutions in technology that revolutionizes our way of life. One of the most significant forces driving this awesome development is the ability to record and deliver information across distances instantaneously. Many refer to this as the "Information Age"; we just like to call it "what we do best". Listed below are some business solutions that we have to offer:

Exhibition Business Matching Center tools
The main purpose of this Web based tool is to streamline the communication process and to improve interaction between exhibitors and visitors, thus enhancing the business matching environment in the event. This is achieved through the use of private messages and booking of online appointments that can be sent out even before the event commences.

E-Procurement & e-Orders
The eOrder system is a comprehensive B2B application that eliminates the manual order processes of products. eOrder allows your customers to place orders on-line, look up product information, review their customer specific order history and pricing, when they want it, 24/7. eOrder also enables customers to check on existing orders and review their status at any time. This means they can find out instantly whether their order has been processed and fulfilled.

E-Commerce Packages
Our powerful E-Commerce package entails all the essentials of an online business. This includes the registration of a domain name of choice, the development and hosting of the website, the application of a merchant account, the development of a “shopping cart”, payment gateway and credit card processing service that functions together in harmony hence unleashing the power of E-Commerce.

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